Katherine Park is a residential development in Corsham,
Wiltshire, UK.

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The future of the association.

At our recent General Meeting we said as members of the Association Management Committee that we were going to have to stand down because of our other time commitments.

We really hoped that others would come forward to share out the tasks involved in running this Residents Association. So far no-one has volunteered to take any of our places. We really don't want to dissolve the Association and so, if nothing changes, we are proposing to put it on the "back burner" and put our limited time into the completion of the structure and facilities on the Green, for which the recent survey has shown a lot of support.

In the future this website will function only as a "signpost" directing residents to those who can help with your queries, eg the District or Town Council, Police and so on. We hope you will understand that we don't have the time to do anything more than this - but by keeping the Association in existence it maintains the opportunity for others to come forward to lead on particular tasks, such as producing newsletters, maintaining the membership database, liaising with other bodies & fundraising.

In the future we will be operating primarily through the Facebook only residents group, KPRA. Further details about the results of the survey and discussions with the Council about the structure will be posted via Facebook & KPRA notice board in due course.

This is a really great opportunity to develop a facility for the community and it will benefit from more people being involved. As residents, we all lead busy lives and we know the need to keep the number of meetings to a minimum - but even a little of your time will help make sure that the facility is the right one for this community, so please get in touch if you can spare a little time to help!

Best wishes Matt, Kay & Phil

July 2015